Our Firm

Everett Dorey LLP is a full service civil litigation firm.  Everett Dorey prides itself on its legal acumen, trial record, experience and its ability to put clients in the best position to succeed.  Success is constantly measured to promote accountability and efficiency.  Client objectives are tailored to individual needs, ranging from early resolution based on experienced evaluations to favorable jury verdicts with awards of attorneys’ fees and expert costs.

The core values of the firm include unmatched responsiveness, cutting edge technology, a commitment to diversity and the recruitment and retention of exceptionally talented litigators.  Everett Dorey lawyers not only have diverse cultural and personal backgrounds but they also have a common trait of outstanding personal achievement and academic excellence.  Many of the firm's lawyers have advanced degrees in addition to their law degrees.  All of the firm's lawyers have graduated from top law schools approved by the American Bar Association.  The firm's lawyers are leaders in their fields and were editors or members of law review, held judicial clerkships for prominent courts or participated in moot court and are highly respected litigators who are also active members in their communities as volunteers, pro-bono advocates, board members and elected officials.  

Everett Dorey attorneys are innovative thinkers and bold litigators who work tenaciously for clients and remain one step ahead of their adversaries.  Everett Dorey’s promotion of diversity is a reflection of a changing judiciary, society and corporate landscape that makes the firm stronger, more creative and puts us in a position to better serve our clients.